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Public Education and Safety

Remember to change your smoke alarm batteries

Take the Pledge - Sound the Alarms Peterborough!

When a fire starts, smoke and flames spread fast. Only a working smoke alarm will give you and your family the early warning to escape a fire safely. Smoke alarms must be installed on every level of your home and outside all sleeping areas. 

Carbon Monoxide alarms must be installed adjacent to sleeping areas in home with a fuel burning appliance and/or an attached garage. 

Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms TODAY and Take the Pledge. Your name will be entered into our monthly draw to win a FREE Fire Safety Prize Pack. 

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation Requirements

  • If your home has a fuel-burning appliance or an attached garage, install a carbon monoxide alarm adjacent to each sleeping area.
  • If there is a fuel-burning appliance in your condo/apartment, install a carbon monoxide alarm adjacent to each sleeping area.
  • If your building has a service room, carbon monoxide alarms must be installed in the service room and adjacent to each sleeping area of all condos/apartments above, below and beside the service room.
  • If your building has a garage, carbon monoxide alarms must be installed adjacent to each sleeping area of all condos/apartments above, below and beside the garage.
  • For added protection, install a carbon monoxide alarm on every storey of the home according to manufacturer’s instructions

Compliance With the Legislation Will Be Phased-In:

  • Single-family homeowners and property owners/tenants in buildings that contain no more than 6 suites will have a period of six months to comply (April 15, 2015).
  • Residential occupancy owners of buildings with more than 6 suites have 12 months to comply (October 15, 2015).
  • CO alarms that have already been installed must be maintained in accordance with the Fire Code effective October 15, 2014.

Read more information regarding Carbon Monoxide alarms and the new legislation.

Fire Truck Visit Joe

Pumper Truck Requests

Pumper truck visits are a great way to educate the public about fire safety and prevention. The firefighters will explain the equipment and tools used to fight fires and respond to all types of emergencies. See the firefighters in their bunker gear and breathing apparatus. 

Learn about being fire smart during this fun and interactive exploration.

If you would like to request a pumper truck to attend your next event or fundraiser complete our Pumper Truck Request Application.

If you have any questions about truck visits, please email

Note: Pumper Truck Visits are scheduled for approximately 1 hour and only after 1:00 p.m. Fire Crews attending special events and truck requests are on duty. They may be delayed arriving to an event and/or may have to leave during an event in the event of an emergency. 

Public Education Programs

Peterborough Fire Services provides fire safety education to meet the needs of all the citizens of Peterborough. Programs provide engaging and interactive education for all groups.

  • Fire Safety for Children (Under 10)
  • Fire Safety for Children ( 10-14)
  • Schools, Daycares, Nursery Schools


  • Children Home Alone Fire Safety
  • High School Students
  • Post Secondary Students , College, Adult Learning Centres
  • Fire Extinguisher Training 
  • Seniors Fire Safety
  • Community Living
  • Home Fire safety for Homecare or Group Home Caregivers 
  • TAPPC- Juvenile Fire Setters
  • Community Programs
  • Station Tours
  • Fire Safety House Tours
  • Babysitter Fire Safety Presentations
  • Learn Not to Burn Program 
  • Fire Truck Visits
  • Sightline to Safety - Educational Program for the Deaf, Deafened and Hard of Hearing 

School Presentations and Lessons

Attention Teachers! Call today to schedule your FREE Fire Safety Lesson in your class this year.

Topics covered in our lessons include preventing fires, preventing burns, A firefighter in full gear interacting with several childrenFirefighters as Community Helpers, the fire triangle, smoke alarms, home escape plans, hazard house display, home alone fire safety, calling 9-1-1, playing with lighters and matches, stop, drop and roll and so much more.

Students will also have an opportunity to view firefighter bunker gear and equipment.  

We have lessons and presentations for all ages and grade levels. Grades JK-8, Grades 9-12.

College and University student presentations and training is also available.

For more information, please contact Amanda Nichols at

Fire Safety Tips

Kids Zone

Amanda NicholsContact Us

For more information on Public Education Programs or services please contact Amanda Nichols, Public Educator at 705-745-3284 Ext. 6312 or by email at

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