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Emergency Medical Services

When a serious medical emergency occurs, time is of the essence. A critically ill or injured patient needs medical treatment as soon as possible to optimize recovery. Through a tiering program that incorporates the Fire Department into Peterborough's overall Emergency Medical system. Peterborough Fire’s first responders combine speed with the various life support skills and equipment necessary to offer the best patient care possible.

Upon arrival, our mandate directs us to stabilize the scene and initiate care, maintaining the patient(s) until they have been assessed by Peterborough Paramedics. We then assist in preparing the patient for transport and may further support the Ambulance by delegating a firefighter to help with treatment en route to the hospital.

Peterborough Fire Services is firmly committed to our role in EMS, and recently undertook a unique program to certify its firefighters as Basic Trauma Life Support providers. This and other training in patient assessment, stabilization, resuscitative techniques, and oxygen therapy allow us to provide initial emergency care for the broad range of medical emergencies, including heart attack, shock, diabetic reaction, seizures, sever bleeds, and traumatic injury. And should a cardiac arrest occur, Peterborough Fire Services can turn to defibrillation.

This city was one of the first cities in the Ontario province to train its firefighters in defibrillation and has since the mid-1990's, carried defibrillators on all its front-line vehicles. These have proven highly successful life saving devices. Attached to the patient following an assessment of need made by our personnel, the defibrillator will search for a particular set of electrical impulses before prompting the operating to "stand clear and shock".
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